Wednesday, 17 April 2013 reviews

There’s plenty of reviews out on the internet and today I’m going to sit down and add in my two cents. There’s pretty bright and shiny two cent coins, as I’m really impressed with and the work that their team does.
The weird thing about reviews is that they start with the end result – their website’s ranking. For me, a review should start at the beginning, which is when I first received a call from a salesperson. I’d indicated on their website that I wanted to receive a phone call to learn more about how they could help my company and sure enough, a salesman soon gave me a call. They were excellent – not too pushy, just very informative about how my website was ranking on Google and what could be done to make it better. They took the time to talk to me about my business and to understand what sort of clients I wished to attract and how I wanted to build SEO into my long-term marketing and business plan.
Once I was all signed up, my account manager quickly got in touch with me and was just as friendly and professional as the sales guy. I have to admit, I’m really terrible with all things to do with the computer and internet and all that carry on and I’m fairly sure I asked a lot of dumb questions at the start (like, ‘what’s an algorithm?’) but my account manager was really patient and answered all of my questions, no matter how silly they seemed to her.
And now I finally get to the point that all of the other reviews spend so much time on. The results. Well, they were amazing. I was on page one for most of my keywords after seven weeks and have stayed there ever since. My account manager sends me regular updates to confirm that I’m still on page one and that’s about all I do for my SEO campaign now – I just let run it and do all the work – it couldn’t be easier.
So if you’re looking to put a little less effort into your company’s SEO campaign – hand it all over to the team at They do the hard yards so you don’t have to, leaving you more time to work on you business – or just do nothing at all!