Thursday, 18 April 2013

Compare to see the difference

When you compare to the competition, you’ll quickly and clearly see that they are by far and away the best SEO company in Australia – if not the world! There’s many reasons why is the site you want to visit when you Google rankings are lagging – and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.
The first great thing about is the quality of the work they produce - from the coding of the website navigation through to the keyword optimized text, it’s all top quality stuff. This is because they don’t outsource any of their work overseas – it’s all done in-house in the Melbourne office. In this building you’ll find the best coders and the most amazing copywriters, banging away at their keyboards and clicking away with their mice to get your website performing like it should.
When you compare to their competitors you’ll also see that their keyword research is excellent. Their digital strategists really know their stuff and work hard to ensure their clients have the best keywords to get people to their site who are on the verge of making a purchase are the ones who end up at the client’s website. High site visits are not the only numbers worth paying attention too. You also need to make sure the site conversion rate – people who visit AND make a purchase – is high. That’s why the keyword research that the strategists do is so important.
This good quality work in research, tech, and copywriting has only one result – clients of end up on page one of Google and stay there. Everyone wants to be one page one of course – nobody ever visits page two – but these spots are strictly limited to the sixteen best websites that match that keyword. make sure that you’re in that top sixteen with their exceptional services.
There’s only one option if you want to gain a true comparison of SEO companies and that’s to take out an account with them. Of course, you can’t have an account with everyone, so it pays to do a lot of research, including talking to other people who have engaged the services of an SEO company, pouring through online reviews and checking out the sites that the SEO company has worked on.